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Senjo Seiki Co Ltd., Japan, established in the year 1952, a leader in Japan and the world for chamfering and deburring machines.

SENJO SEIKI developed the first Programless Chamfering and Deburring (PLC Series) machine utilizing their patented stylus tracing system technology. Since then, SENJO SEIKI has sold more than 2,000 PLC chamfering machines and has established an international sales network, becoming the world leading manufacturer of chamfering/deburring machines.

Senjo Seiki chamfering machines can chamfer and deburr the most difficult shaped components using fully automated system. No programming or positioning is required during the chamfering process. Machines can deburr both internal and external gears.

The following are some of the features of the machine:
  • No programming/ positioning required
  • Chamfering accuracies above and beyond CNC machinery
  • Large burrs eliminated in one step
  • User Friendly Operation
  • Tailor made machines

  • Few of the components which can be chamfered /deburred are:
  • Gears, Internal Gear, Shaft Gear, Worm Wheel, Hypoid Gears, Rack, etc.
  • Sprocket, Pulley
  • Nylon, Magnet, Glass, Forgings
  • Large Gears over 3m can be chamfered
  • Top & bottom diameters can be chamfered / deburred in single setup
  • Wind turbine/turning rings/gears of large reduction machines
  • Slew bearings, Ditch deburring of AT drums

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    PLC – 201 Chamfering / Deburring Machine

    Large Gear Chamfering Machine

    Examples of Chamfering / Deburring

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