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Grooving Insert Grinder:
GIG-202 Fully Automatic Grooving Insert Grinder
Dedicated Grooving Insert Grinder that consolidates various process and methods into one single machine.

Fully Automatic Machining of Cutting edge shape of grooving inserts.

  • Equipped with an original interactive program (GIG ToolLab) as standard, 3D simulation and creation/modification of grinding program are possible.
  • Breaker grinding is possible by installing a sub grinding wheel (option) in addition to the processing grinding wheel.
  • Various measurements (workpiece, grinding wheel, thermal displacement) enable shortening of setup time and stable continuous operation.
  • Dressing of the front surface and outer peripheral surface of the grinding wheel is possible.
  • Prepare a tool rest that meets a variety of needs
  • Supports Horizontally-placed pallets and can be equipped with a pallet changer
  • Can be equipped with In-process cleaning device
  • fully-covered design structure considering safety and ease of use

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    GIG-202 Fully Automatic Grooving Insert Grinder

    GIG-202 Fully Automatic Grooving Insert Grinder

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