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Nissei Double Disc Grinders for Semiconductor and Chip Grinding

  • The small but mighty semiconductor is now an extremely essential part and a strategic technological asset in our hi-tech and globalized world.
  • With India already a leader in software industry, an edge in hardware manufacturing would make our country a Tech Powerhouse.
  • With the governments push for setting up semiconductor, IC (Integrated Circuits), micro chip manufacturing plants, India is right on path to become a Tech Powerhouse.
  • Semi conductors and chip manufacturing involves a string of critical processes with Precision grinding as one of most important process in semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Nissei Industry Corp., Japan – World’s leading Double Disc Grinder manufacturer is very well experienced in grinding of thin hard metal including rare metals, non-metal semi-conductor materials, ceramics, piezo elements, wave transducers, device connectors etc.
  • Nissei machines are equipped with many unique and patented features assuring of highest accuracies, ease of setting, quick changeover and long life.
  • Over 70 Nissei Double Disc Grinding machines are working in India for past many years with our able technical support.
  • We at S K B Machine Tools shall be pleased to offer most suitable Nissei grinders for your requirements. Please contact us for more details.

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