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Kataoka CNC Full Automatic Keystone Ring Grinding machine model : KG-2P

This machine being specially built for piston ring industry-it is a high precision grinder for grinding of keystone rings.

The application of keystone piston rings to the automobile/aircraft/ship/diesel engines is to prevent ring sticking.

The ring sticking is generally caused by deposit build up on the rings and grooves and

is usually associated with piston temperature, engine output and speed, and type of lubricating oils and fuels used in the engines.


KG-2P is a grinding machine for machining mid and large sized, single-sided keystones and chamfering and deburring

the inside diameters with a wheel or carbide cutting tool in full automatic mode.

Equipped with a hydrostatic spindle, this machine can improve the surface roughness of the machined part and extend the life of the wheels and dressing tools.

Also, equipped with a CBN wheel, this machine can perform refined grinding.


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