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Installation of IMM Turbine Blade Grinding / Polishing Machine for Aero Engine Blades

  • As a part of IMM and SKB’s continuous commitment to bring the latest aerospace manufacturing technologies to India, we recently installed the MTS-1000-400-6NC Machine at the facility of a leading Aero Engine Blade manufacturer.
  • MTS offered by IMM is a CNC 6 Axis Turbine Blade Grinding / Polishing Machine equipped with the latest Siemens 840D controls.
  • All the 6 CNC Axis interpolate simultaneously to grind / polish the intricate and complex profile of a Turbine Blade using Abrasive Belts.
  • Concave, Convex, Leading Edge and Trailing Edge of the Turbine Blade are easily polished on MTS machine.
  • MTS machine is programmed by a standalone CAD/CAM software CAMAIX using the 3D model of the blade.
  • Significant savings are made in a 5 Axis milling process through increased milling roughness before processing the blade on MTS.
  • Blade polishing time is reduced by factor 2 to 3 compared to manual polishing.
  • Perfect balance of the Milling & Polishing process is achieved with the introduction of MTS in the Blade machining line.
  • Tough to machine materials like Titanium, Inconel, Nickel Chromium alloys etc. can be swiftly ground / polished on MTS Machine.

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